About MarketFighter is a blog site that attempts to provide unique insights for stock market investors seeking advice on how to beat the market.

While most financial web sites focus on short-lived news and everything hot here and now, I investigate the bigger picture. Crunching the numbers and researching historical market data to extract the knowledge needed to outperform the market.

Nice view of the capital

Next-level index investing

If you are interested in beating the market through evidence-based and data driven-investing, you have come to the right place.

You may see this approach as next-level index investing. If you have come to the conclusion that passive index investing is more profitable than random stock picking, you are absolutely right. Investigating data to get an edge over index investing is the next level, and this information seems hard to find for the retail investor.

Who is The MarketFighter?

My real name is Kristian and is my blog. I have decided to not disclose my full name to maintain some anonymity and freedom in my writing.

I have been investing actively in the stock market for about 20 years and read all the books I could find on the topic. But unlike most other financial bloggers, I have an engineering background in computer science and a more rational and data-driven approach to investing. This means my focus is on what has systematically worked on the stock market - and less on earnings reports, daily quotes, and subjective analysis of individual stocks.

My hope with this blog is to inspire other amateur investors to invest more rationally and to hopefully find value in my findings and posts.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, feedback, or suggestions!